Custom Book Cover Design: Attention-Grabbing Book Covers

According to market research, a book’s cover design significantly impacts the reader’s decision to buy it. This is true for all books, large or small, fiction or non-fiction.

Your book cover design is the first thing that catches your reader’s eye and creates the first impression. An attractive, attention-grabbing book cover compels any reader to pick up your book and explore it some more. An indifferent design, on the other hand, leaves the reader disinterested, feeling that they would not miss much bypassing your book.

Very often, the book cover design even influences where it is placed on bookshelves and displays in stores.

Designing a book cover involves more than just using eye-catching illustrations. It needs to capture what the book is about. In one quick, brief look it should convey your message and style, hinting at what readers can expect from the book.

Equally important, the design and message should appeal to your target audience. Is your book for young children, teens, adults or corporates? Different designs appeal to different markets, and getting it right is crucial.

At Indigo Design we know that your book cover design sets the tone for your book. Our expertise lies in creating tasteful, interesting book covers for books of all sizes, covers that hit the right note with your readers. From the beginning to the end, we work with you to create a design that brings your concept to life.

Whatever your publishing plans, Indigo Design can help make your book stand out from the crowd.

Call us today and let’s get that book on the shelves!

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