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Understanding Book Layout: Page Margins for a Book

  Understanding Book Layout: Setting up Page Margins for a Book Getting The Page Margins Right One thing that a lot of amateur publishers struggle with is margining their pages properly. A lot of self-published authors who decide to do the entire layout of their book on their own often tend to overlook a few […]

The Importance of Great Packaging Design for Your Products

Great Packaging Design and Its Importance For Your Products You’ve spend hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars manufacturing, testing and fine tuning your product till you are 100% satisfied that it is perfect in every way. You’ve also done your market research and from all the feedback you’ve got, it looks like a […]

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Print Advertising: New Product Launch for a Skin Care Company

Print advertising for Skin Care Company – Skin Fitness Therapy Introducing A New Aqua Marine Peel Featured in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Magazine Skin Fitness Therapy is an innovative skin care company located in South Florida and founded by Christina Church in 1996. She became a licensed esthetician in 1991. Christina’s vision was to produce a line […]

Should Authors Design Their Own Books

Should Authors Design Their Own Books Self-Publishing: Should You Design Your Book? Self-publishing has opened a new world to those who have always dreamed of publishing a book. You no longer need to invest a lot of money or pray that a publisher will agree to publish your book. Now, you can write a book, format […]

Building Your Twitter Following: A Few Easy Steps

A lot of people, including authors, are a little wary about using Twitter to promote their books. They do not know how to get started or how to build up a good number of followers and they aren’t exactly sure about how it will help with promotion of their material. If you are wondering whether […]