Book cover design inspiration for a florida self published author

Author: Peter Baksa

Title: Faith Wave

Project: To create an inspirational cover that causes one to reflect on how our thoughts create out reality hence the blank picture frame. We create what we see in out lives.

The challenge for this book cover design was tying the picture frame to a bold title while still getting the books message across.

The typography on the cover ties in the ornate picture frame with the word “Wave” whilst the word “Faith” is strong and Bold leading one to the summation that it is in Faith that one can ride the wave.

Description of Book:

In Faith Wave, Peter Baksa reviews how manifestation works and the quantum mechanics that support it. Then, in an interesting turn, he reviews the tenets of six major world religions, focuses on their teachings of prayer and meditation, and shows how these ancient truths mesh with manifestation.

Peter Baksa, is an investigative journalist/entrepreneur and author of 4 books Point of Power, Its None of My Business What You Think of Me, Think Yourself Young and this latest one Faith Wave. Peter lives part of the time in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the other in Chicago, Illinois.

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