Book Cover Design and Interior Layout for Self Published Author

The Point of Power

Client: Peter Baksa

Book Design Layout

Project: New age, spirituality, and psychology book design including cover design and interior layout/typesetting. With the goal of a book cover design to be powerful, it needs to clearly state the key elements of: book title, subtitle and author’s name. This needs to be done in a way that is balanced, with font styles appropriate for the topic, and font sizes, spacing and graphics that tie the whole cover together cohesively in an easy to read format which entices the reader to pick the book off the shelf or click on it. This is the all important next step in the buying decision. The hook in good book cover design is not to over do it, or under do it, and still develop intrigue. Indigo Design develops this intrigue by understanding book publishing and applying years of experience and an artist’s / designer’s eye to design fabulous book covers.

Book Synposis : Change your thoughts, change your life. Peter Baksa spent the last decade researching the writings of the Tau Te Ching; the Koran; the Bible; and other historic texts. There are no accidents and what we often see as our reality is in fact, an illusion. No matter what your life situation is, you can harness the natural laws of the universe; as indicated by the scientific research of Steven Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Max Plank, to manifest your desires.

Book cover design and typesetting