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How to Design your Book Cover

How To Design Your Book Cover

Every writer knows how important it is to have a well designed book cover that will attract the attention of readers and make them want to buy their book. So the million dollar question really is, how do you go about designing the perfect book cover?

Sure, everybody has a different idea of what looks good. Beauty after all is really in the eye of the beholder. But despite our individual perceptions of what looks good and what doesn’t, there are a few guidelines that have been proven to work when designing book covers.

Keep Your Audience In Mind At All Times

This is really the most important factor to keep in mind. You know the kind of reader your book is targeting and the cover you design should aim to attract that particular reader. The cover design of a health book will be completely different from that of a finance book or a book on crafts.

Are you targeting men or women, teenagers, adults or younger children? You’ll be surprised at how much hinges on the age group of your audience. The type of book cover you design for women would be completely different from that of a book meant for men, which would be again different from that of a book meant for teenagers or younger children.

Your book cover should match the topic of your book and the age of your target audience.

Choose Your Colors Carefully

The colors you choose can make a huge impact on the overall look of the cover. You may love bright, cheerful yellow but using it on the cover of a crime novel can convey the wrong message to your audience. Studies show that crime novel covers work best in black and red. Different colors evoke different responses from men and women and that is something else you need to take into consideration too. For example, women find red warm and appealing whereas they find blue depressing. Men on the other hand find blue intelligent and dependable but find red risky. If you are not sure about the right choice of colors for your book cover, take the advice of a professional designer.

Use The Right Font Type And Size

It’s amazing what a difference the font type and size can make. It can transform the whole look and feel of your book. Experiment with different font types and see which one suits your topic best. When it comes to font size, while you can use a large size if your title is less than four or five words, it is a better idea to choose a smaller font size if your title has more than five words or else it will overshadow the actual book cover design.

Several studies have shown that the right book cover plays a key role in the success or failure of any book. With so much at stake, it’s really not worth leaving anything to chance. If you’ve never had experience with designing a book cover before, it may be worth paying to get it done right by an experienced professional.