Why Use A Custom Book Cover Designer

Writing a book is almost like creating a legacy of your life. You put in a whole lot of time, effort and care into creating this legacy, from coming up with ideas to writing, formatting and editing the book. After all of the effort that has gone into getting it all done and ready for publishing, the last thing you want is for your book to have an unimaginative, boring cover. What you want is a brilliant, creative cover that matches the content of your book and for that you need a professional custom book cover designer.

The Importance Of A Good Book Cover Design

Several studies have shown that potential book buyers spend about 10 seconds considering whether to buy a book or not, and they base that decision almost entirely on the front and back covers. The covers are a critical marketing decision. It must grab the attention of anyone who is browsing through and generate enough interest to turn them into buyers. Think about it, would you want to put the critically important cover in the hands of a 20 year old designer who has a budget of 1 hour to spend on your project?

Sure, you can find plenty of inexpensive online services that offer book cover design services at temptingly low rates. Naturally, it’s hard to resist hiring a designer who promises such a lot at such a low price. So why bother with a custom book cover designer who is sure to be more expensive? Is there really a difference between the two? Yes, there is.

The Difference That A Custom Book Cover Designer Makes

Most inexpensive online services use cookie cutter templates to create their designs. They will just spend an hour making a few changes to the template and consider it done. Not only will you get weak ideas from these low cost designers but you will also get poor, unresponsive service when you ask for anything extra. This can be very disappointing and in fact a waste of money because it is not going to do anything for your book.

When you use a custom book cover designer you can be sure that your book cover design will be one of a kind. Reputed custom book cover designers do not use generic templates. Before they even conceptualize the design of the cover, they will spend time to find out more about your book and will only then go ahead with creating a custom product that reflects your concept, content and brand.

Another significant difference is that custom book cover designers will also help you improve the interior design of your book, which does much to enhance the professionalism and appeal of your book whereas low cost designers will mostly or completely ignore this key aspect of design.

In the end, it is definitely worth paying a little more to get a custom cover design that you can be proud of and that reflects the brilliance of your book.

 [h2]Case Study: Before and after Custom Book Cover Design[/h2]

Book cover designer Audria Wooster created a cover that has a little more shelf impact, done by enhancing the typography with color and size, using different photography and creating an overall more professional look. Click here to see a sample of the interior typesetting.  IT_sample

Here is a before and after!

custom book cover designer - before the redesignCustom Book Cover Designer