Book Design and Layout: Inside and Out

Creating the synergy!

At Indigo Design, we appreciate that a book’s design and layout are integral to its publishing success.

 Your book’s cover design and layout are pivotal in influencing a reader’s buying decision. The cover design gets your book picked off the shelf. A sneak peak between the pages provides a powerful second impression. No matter how fascinating the content, your book will go right back on the shelf if the book’s cover design and layout are not streamlined and do not flow easily.

The content of the book must be reflected in the interior design. Different genres have completely different criteria in the layout of the pages. Some books call for a layout that is clean and simple, whereas a more elaborate design would be better suited to others.

Backed by years of experience, Indigo Design offers expert design and typesetting services, so your readers can effortlessly glide through the pages of your book.

We take the time to choose the typeface (font) most appropriate for the content of your book. Of equal importance is the synchronicity of page numbers and footnotes with the text, so that they do not detract from the content.

To maintain the overall consistency, we ensure that all graphics and illustrations are harmoniously incorporated.

No matter what type of book you are publishing whether a novel with chapters or a book with images from cover to cover, Indigo Design can help you shape the book design to your particular target reader.

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