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You have a winner of an e-book all written, edited and ready to be published. The only thing still to be done is the e-book cover design. How essential is it? Will it have any impact on the sale of the e-book? Does its importance justify spending the time and money, or will the contents sell your book? This is one of the biggest dilemmas facing e-book publishers.

Research indicates that the more compelling the cover design, the more likely it is to pique the curiosity of browsing readers. Your e-book cover design is often the singular most important factor in readers choosing your book. The reader reasons that since the cover design is attractive and appealing, the content of the book is sure to be interesting too.

Walk into any bookstore and notice your instinctive reactions. Chances are you will automatically gravitate towards books that are well designed and visually appealing. The same principle applies when you are looking for e-books on the internet.

e-Books covers pose an added design challenge: the medium is two-dimensional. The cover design therefore takes on even more importance in catching the reader’s eye.

At Indigo Design, we have had years of experience creating e-book designs. We specialize in designing striking e-book covers that are precise and professional, and that target your reader demographic. We take the time to talk things over with you, to create a cover design that is an extension of the e-book’s content.

Interested in converting your printed book to an e-book? We will convert your book and make it available on Amazon, Nook or iTunes.

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