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    With 27 years experience Indigo Design can help you with your graphic design projects from concept through completion.

    Does your new company require a logo or branding? Or is your established business ready to upgrade its website, brochures, packaging or ad campaign? 

    Indigo Design has the personality, innovativeness and artistic expertise to shape your vision and grab your customers’ attention.

    We do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we use our knowledge of industry trends, new design technology and artistic sensibility to offer engaging, one-of-a-kind design solutions that suit your unique needs.

    Clean, Creative Design.

    Indigo Design synergizes creativity, simplicity and practicality. We specialize in tasteful and targeted designs that attract attention. Your logo and corporate image largely determine your business’ success, therefore even a fun and funky design should reflect style and good taste.

    Branding-Graphic Design


    Maintaining the delicate balance between artistic creativity and marketability is key in corporate design. We are sensitive to our clients’ strategy and harness creative expression to serve your marketing needs.


    Staying current with dynamic international design trends is central to the services we offer. We also keep abreast of the latest technologies and programs. Consequently, we are able to provide to our clients artwork that is compatible with their software.

    Branding for Clothing


    Indigo Design is about quality not quantity. We are not an ‘add to cart’ company. We pride ourselves on our personalized client relationships: you, the client, are given all the time needed to communicate your vision to us. This allows us to turn your ideas into a dynamic design that propels your sales upward.


    The importance of a sensible budget is something we understand. Indigo Design being a small graphic design company develops effective ways to keep costs to the minimum without compromising the quality of our clients’ design and marketing projects.

    Audria Wooster

    Audria Wooster

    I have been fortunate, over the years, to have formed business relationships with clients who have a passion for their products and services. I am pleased to have earned their trust for design and marketing. That, in turn, has inspired me to create successful designs.

    I have a practical approach to design, and work efficiently. Taking on projects I believe in, and producing well researched, concept-driven work, is a labor of love.

    And the results show: clients keep returning with repeat business and often recommend me to other companies.

    • Create a distinctive corporate identity

    • Produce effective marketing material

    • Attract attention and build credibility

    • Clearly communicate your message

    • Effectively promote your business, product, service or event

    Indigo Design: Common sense. Uncommon thinking.

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