The Graphic Design Process at Indigo Design

What you can expect from Indigo Design: Our focus is on open communication and professional project management throughout the design process. We aim for efficiency and accuracy and we listen carefully to our clients’ requests.


This is a crucial part of an entire project: at this stage we are able to establish what it is that you, the client, needs. We can use words like ‘elegant’, ‘tasteful’, etc. to convey our understanding of your vision, but we need to ensure that we have interpreted correctly. Also, showing you examples of relevant work we’ve done really helps hone in on understanding if we are on the right track. After this initial contact, a written proposal/estimate is presented to you. Once we receive the signed estimate, the project begins.

Commencement of Project

The Essential Legwork: We want to make certain our creative journey heads in the right direction, so we focus on answering and then evaluating the following key questions:

Who is the client?
What are the client’s strengths and weaknesses?
What is the product or service?
Who is the target audience?
Who is the competition?
What image does the client want to communicate?
What does the client ultimately want to achieve?

Concept Development and Presentation

At this point, the exciting creative phase is set in motion. Ideas are generated and the client is presented with the initial design concepts for review. Client feedback is a crucial part of this phase as it allows for design modifications and refinement.

Design Delivery

The final design is presented to the client for approval and sign-off.


We liaise with all vendors to ensure the project is taken step-by-step to the final delivery stage. Follow-up with printers and suppliers ensures an expeditious delivery of the finished product.

Project Completion

The project is delivered once payment is received in full. Also, we ensure the client is provided with all files in compatible formats.


Questions answered: common concerns about the graphic design process 

Q: How much will it cost for a new brochure, logo, book cover or website?

A: Every job is custom and we give free quotes or consultations. But for a general idea, click here. There are many options available.

Q: How do I pick the right graphic designer for logo or brochure designs, book covers or marketing material?

A: Ideally, interview three designers to get a feel for their design style and whether it is what you are looking for. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Competition from the technologically-driven global economy means getting design work done for next to nothing. People in other countries, students or online budget shops might offer their services at rock-bottom prices. But there are drawbacks: communication may be difficult and they might not understand the ‘big picture’.

Graphic design is a process that evolves into a finished product. Find someone with whom you can work closely through this process, someone you can talk to who can help you work through your ideas. And get a great design that makes you proud!

Q: How does the design process work? How many logos, book covers or brochures do you design for me to choose from?

A: First, there is a free consultation and quote, usually done within a day. The job could start the same day or the next. In general, it takes about a week for a book cover design, logo design or book typesetting (up to 200 pages). This is a rough estimate; it varies depending on the size of the job and the number of revisions.

Q: How do I get inexpensive yet high quality graphic design?

A: We all want Bloomingdales high quality and service at Wal-Mart prices. Indigo Design is more a Trader Joe’s: a little exotic, tuned-in and cool, but budget-minded.

Indigo Design…creating your success!