Cd Cover Design


Cd cover design for private label

Project: Designing a cd cover for relaxation music. Mark Heath is a Florida musician so he wanted the Florida sunset. He lives on the east coast where the sunrises not sets, this posed a small problem but luckily Florida is pretty flat so we managed to find one without compromising his ideals.

Cd cover design is similar to book cover design in that you have the title and the  “author” or  “artist” name and a graphical representation of the content be it an illustration, self portrait or amazing photograph. These items really need to convey the content in a few seconds. A CD of a SKA band would need a completely different imagery for a cd album cover than a cd like the above which is meant to relax you.

Nowadays you can usually hear a section of the music or read a synopsis of a book online but to save wasted time getting the feeling tone across immediately is paramount as there are so many choices in all genres.

There are a few ways to go, if you wanting a printed version consider adding the lyrics to the inside flap or on the back cover. Alternatively if you are going to sell solely online the cover is often all that is needed.

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