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Why A Smaller Graphic Design Studio Is A Better Choice For Small Businesses  

When you are looking for a graphic design studio and have the choice of a big flashy company that has full page ads in all the relevant trade magazines or a smaller company that lets their work speak for itself, which would you choose?

In asking the question quite a few people said they would choose to use the bigger company because they believe that they would do a better job.

When it comes to graphic design studios, bigger does not necessarily mean better. Take a look at why smaller setups could be advantageous for small businesses.

Smaller organizations provide more personalized services

Large advertising and graphic design firms usually use a large staff to execute your project. This means that some faceless, nameless employee will be assigned your task. The only thing this person knows about you is what they will read on the project information sheet. The result may be a generic design, which may be good but may not necessarily capture the heart and soul of your website, logo or product.   

A smaller organization is far more likely to be attuned to your needs. They will take the time to get as many details as they can about the message you wish to convey through your product so that they can deliver a design that’s spot-on in every way.

Smaller design studios, rely on personal referrals to build their business

To a large business you are just another drop in the ocean. If they lose you as a client, it’s no big deal. They know they’ll get plenty more simply because they have a bigger advertising budget to attract more customers. They do not rely on mouth to mouth advertising, losing a client is not likely to affect their business as much.

Smaller businesses on the other hand do not have large marketing budgets. They depend on personal referrals to bring in more clients and build their business. With so much at stake, they cannot afford to lose you as a client and will go out of their way to make you happy so that you are more likely to bring them more business by way of another project as well as referrals.

Smaller graphic design companies take time to build personal relationships with their clients

Larger organizations tend to use a ‘one size fits all’ kind of approach. They have fixed systems and software in place so that they can finish projects faster. While this may help with speedier turnaround times, the results are largely generic with a few minor tweaks. The question is, do you really want to compromise quality for speed?

A smaller graphic design company, will typically offer more flexible solutions. They often suggest one-on-one meetings with you so they get to know you better and they can then utilize this information in the design. The result, is a unique, one-of-a-kind design that represents your brand to perfection. 

Consider the cost factor

You can expect a glaring discrepancy in the cost too. A large business that operates out of a swanky office with lots of employees has a lot of overheads to cover and what better way to finance these overheads than by pushing the cost onto their clients.

On the other hand, smaller outfits have smaller offices and fewer employees. With lower overheads, you can expect to pay more competitive prices when you choose a smaller graphic design company.

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