It is, therefore, an essential part of business strategy, critical to your success.

A powerful logo provides your company with a distinct image and recognizable identity. It represents not only the product or service offered, but also your corporate vision and values. The logo is a graphic representation of your company name, trademark or brand.

At Indigo Design, we believe an effective logo design must:

  • Be a memorable, dynamic, non-verbal representation of how a company describes itself in words.
  • Correlate to the companies image.
  • Be stylish and clean cut.
  • Exude a level of sophistication in the harmony of lines, colors and overall attractiveness.
  • Be easily understood: a fussy, cluttered logo confuses rather than dazzles.

In creating the logo that sells your brand, consider the following:

  • Your logo needs to work equally well across various media: business cards, stationery, clothing, billboards.
  • A distinctive logo should skillfully combine images, shapes, lines, colors and fonts.
  • While a well thought-out design can exist independent of color, color does enhance the flow of lines and shapes.
  • The design should always look professional and create a lasting impression, whether for a serious corporate firm or funky performing arts company. In short, it should be informative as well as captivating.

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