Advertising Company Logos, Brochures and Truck Wrap


Limelite Advertising, Inc.


Indigo Design, Inc is a leading Graphic Design firm in Sarasota, creating fresh compelling design for the real estate, yachting, performing arts, beauty and hospitality industries in the US.

This scope of work contracted with this client: logo design, collateral design, billboard design, brochure design, website design, annual report, business plans and signage.

Limelite Mission and Goals

The mobile advertising industry is one of today’s answers for businesses seeking to increase their sales. While radio advertising and static billboard prices are out of reach for most small and medium sized businesses, mobile advertising rates are affordable and proven most effective. Mobile advertising is virtually unseen in many parts of the United States.

Introducing LimeLite Advertising, a completely innovative and revolutionary creative advertising concept that’s now available to any businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the world. From fine dining and trendy nightclubs to real estate and construction, you name it and LimeLite’s trucks will put it out there at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. In today’s fast paced society, Limelite Advertising is constantly on the move!

Below are some samples of the designs

Truck Design (Smoothie Truck)

Advertising Company Logo - truck wrap


Brochure (Trifold Brochure)

Advertising Company Logo - Brochure

Custom Logo/Branding

Advertising Company Logo - limelite