Logo Design for bed and breakfast in florida

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Chateau de la Mer


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Chateau de la Mer wanted to create a look and feel for company selling memberships for a bed and breakfast like establishment. They wanted a whimsical logo something different and unique.

They are targeting people who like to have fun but are also interested in personal growth.

One of the first uses of the word “chateau” was to describe the homes of the French gentry class, a self sufficient escape designed to meet the needs of a nobleman. There, one would indulge in the many joys of living; communing with nature, reading, creating art, partaking in good food, better wine and the best social company.
Chateau de la Mer, tried to follow in the footsteps of French royalty by creating a place of luxury, comfort, beauty and decadence. A charming oasis in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.

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