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The Medical Brochure Challenge

Indigo Design has produced many medical brochures for a variety of different clients from skin care products, doctors of optometry, chiropractic, psychiatric, orthopedic surgeons, research, medical equipment/supply companies, and more. For a professional looking medical brochure Indigo Design pulls from 20+ years of experience producing logos and positive corporate image pieces in the form of medical services, products and company brochures, ads, marketing and trade show materials.

This example: a medical folder/brochure with product specific inserts. The topic of the brochure being-Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Analysis. The challenge in creating a brochure with medical/technical subject matter like this is to keep the integrity of the product/service as well as make the folder/brochure inviting to the eye. Indigo Design utilizes art, advertising, marketing, audience specific language plus design production techniques and formatting with proper spacial density to convey the technical diagrams, charts, graphs and information without overwhelming the reader but still convey what needs to be said in the least amount of space as possible.
The Cell Search System is an advanced diagnostic platform for the analysis of CTC’s in patients with metastatic breast cancer (MBC). CTC analysis provides valuable diagnostic information for the evaluation of patient prognosis earlier than with traditional imaging methods.

Branding for Healthcare Industry and Medical Logo Design

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