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Creative Packaging and Label Design…

The container that holds your product can be argued as just as important as the contents – often more so. Packaging is the first thing your customer will see. It is a window into the product itself, a chance for a company to WOW the consumer and get them engaged in the product. Not dissimilar to a book cover you only get a few seconds to make that first impression. Some products have been around so long they don’t need the “sizzle” of packaging to generate sales, for most that isn’t the case. The competition is huge. A lot of products are actually sold for the packaging alone, the cost of the labels or packaging far exceeding the cost of the product itself.

[h3]New Packaging Design for Skin Fitness[/h3]

creative packaging - box design

Indigo Design a Sarasota, FL based graphic design studio ( recently completed the luxurious and inviting new packaging and labels for Skin Fitness’s new all natural product line of “BODY” products (body lotion, scrub and body wash). This creative packaging design is a modified version of their original skin care packaging and has been well received by spas and salons around the country, Indigo Design is currently working on ads for Les Nouvelles Esthetiques to showcase this new product line.

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