Great Packaging Design

Great Packaging Design and Its Importance For Your Products

You’ve spend hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars manufacturing, testing and fine tuning your product till you are 100% satisfied that it is perfect in every way. You’ve also done your market research and from all the feedback you’ve got, it looks like a winner of a product that promises to sell off the shelves. After all of this should you spend some more time and money getting a great packaging design created for your product?

Yes, absolutely.

Several market surveys that have been done over the years show that a considerably high number of purchase decisions – as much as 70% – are made on the spur of the moment after seeing the package design. The reasons for this are plenty.

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Good Design = Good Product

Customers tend to judge the quality of a product by the quality of its packaging. It’s just natural and all of us have done it sometime or the other. Think back to the time you went into a store to buy a soap or cereal with no fixed brand in mind. Chances are you made your choices based on the packaging.

When customers are uncertain about which brand to pick up, they are more likely to choose the one with the more attractive packaging. This is because human beings are wired to choose with our eyes as well as our emotions. If something looks good, it triggers off ‘feel good’ emotions in us and we just want to buy the product as it promises to make us happy. With such a strong connection between the way the product looks and the emotions it instills in us, you cannot afford to overlook your packaging design. What this also means is that if your competitor’s packaging is more attractive than yours, you would have just lost a sale. In order to retain your old customers and attract new ones, your package design should be outstanding.

What You Need To Think About When Creating Your Packaging 

Besides creating a packaging design that looks spectacular, there are two other factors you need to consider in your packaging design:

  1. Your design should be a good fit with your brand image: Who is your target customer? Is your product meant for teenagers, stay at home moms or top level executives? Make sure your image resonates with the appropriate demographic that you are marketing to with regards to the age, sex and profile of the customer. If you have several products, it is a good idea to build brand recognition maintaining some similarity in design between the different products.
  2. Update your packaging from time to time: While overhauling your image entirely may be counterproductive as it is confuse your loyal customers, it does help to make subtle updates with your product packaging once in a while to keep it looking fresh and relevant.

Don’t take chances with your packaging design. A shoddy design will result in you losing not just potential customers but your loyal customers as well. Unless you’ve had experience in this area, it is best to hire a professional to create a package design that is sure to attract customers and win them over from your competition.


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