Resources for Authors who are Self-Publishing

Self-publishing can seem like a great idea at first but it can get pretty daunting. Here are a few links/resources to the websites that can help you on your way.

Here is an assortment of resources and links to useful websites and links to make the self-publishing process easier.

Here is the link to purchase ISBN #s, if you plan on doing an itunes ebook it’s better to purchase 10 as you’ll need one dedicated to itunes.

Open and account with createspace for printing on demand.
Amazon charges 55% commission for selling your book.

Goodreads can be helpful for social networking.

Link to set up your e-book on itunes.

Publishing your e-book on Barnes and Noble.

Setup your ebook on Amazon.Have a book that is going to be or is already printed. Sell you book on Amazon here.

Need your book reviewed for marketing purposes? Try Kirkus Review or Publishers Weekly and Foreword Review: they’ll charge a fee to do this but it’s well worth it.

DRM explained…When making your ebook available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and itunes, you have to decide if you want to go with DRM or not. Click the link for an explanation to make it clearer.

Here are a few links to Marketing your books without a Publisher, Joan Stewart, a PR mentor aka The Publicity Hound has put these videos and posts together that are quite helpful!

How to Launch a Book, Promote It and Sell a Truckload–Without an Expensive Publicist

How to Ask for Book and Product Reviews from Bloggers, Journalists and Consumers

Crowdfunding: How to Use Other People’s Money for Your Book or Project

5 tips for getting fiction or nonfiction books into Costco, Walmart, Target