Typesetting Services

Indigo offers typesetting services that create a synergy between the cover and interior content. Typestyles need to be selected for their readability and appropriateness for the book’s or documents content. For instance, a book for children will have a larger font than a technical textbook. Similarly, a more formal font would be used for a theoretical book as opposed to a memoir. Font size is very important – picking up a book and seeing such tiny text that you are rushing for your glasses or a magnifying glass doesn’t inspire reading. Conversely a big “horsy” font makes the book look amateurish. Careful attention must also be given to line- leading, justification and hyphenation settings. Elements such as footnotes, page numbers, and so on are incorporated so as not to detract from the body of the text. Typesetting requires precision and detail on every single page.

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Types of Typesetting Projects include interior page layout, typesetting for fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, manuals, workbooks, annual reports, technical reference books, etc.